DYNAFIT is Pascal's main sponsor.

The DYNAFIT brand values are speed, lightness, endurance and technology. They are embodied in our goal to provide the best performing products to mountaineers. Our products are developed in line with this ethos in order to achieve maximum minimalism, simplicity and efficiency.  Our athletes’ expertise is a vital ingredient in our development of technical mountain sports equipment.

by Michael Müller, Dynafit

Swiss Athletics

Pascal   runs the European and World Championships in mountain running as part of the Swiss Athletics mountain running team. Swiss Athletics supports him  with training camps, follow-up,  annual medical checks and by facilitating sponsoring.

Team Bronze Medal at the European Mountainrunning Championships 2015


The world's first ethical, modular smartphone. A great phone with a fair supply chain. I am very proud to represent Fairphone as an ambassador!

As sports people we often use phones for training, pictures and social media. When buying a new phone we can choose to support  a more sustainable and fair product, in accordance with our love for nature and people.

Egli Engineering AG

 Egli Engineering aims to provide independent high-quality consultancy, training, analysis and planning in the fields of natural hazards, risk management and protection concepts.  They are based in St.Gallen and Bern in Switzerland.

Track in front of the CSS - Lake of Geneva in the background




Perennial SA is specialized in consulting and risk management for private individuals and companies. Perennial shares Pascal's values regarding environmental protection and fairness in sport and in society in general.

Fondation du Sport Vaudois

'La Fondation “Fonds du sport vaudois” gère et redistribue la part vaudoise des bénéfices annuels de la Loterie Romande dévolus au sport pour le Canton de Vaud. Le “Fonds du sport vaudois” participe au financement du sport associatif et populaire. Il soutient également le sport d’élite et le sport international. [...]'

The Foundation of sports of Canton de Vaud organizes and redistributes the annual earnings of the lottery (Loterie Romande) to sports in the Vaud district. It thereby also finances elite athletes recognized by Swiss Olympics and in possession of an 'elite card' (or more).

Icy climb up to 5400 m  in Langtang valley, Nepal, to install a temperature sensor.