Skyrunner World Series Champion 2018 (Sky Classic)



  • Skyrunner World Series Champion 2018 (Sky Classic Ranking)
  • 1st at The Rut Skyrace, Montana 2018 (USA, World Series)
  • Vice World Champion Long Distance Mountain Running 2017
  • 1st at Transvulcania Vertical KM 2018 (Vertical KM World Circuit)
  • 2nd overall of the Vertical Kilometer World Circuit 2018
  • Course Record at Resegup Skyrace 2016 (Italy)
  • Course Record at Lodrino-Lavertezzo Skyrace 2015 (Switzerland)
  • Course Record at Rosetta Skyrace 2015 (Italy)
  • 2nd at Ring of Steall Skyrace 2017 (Scotland, World Series)
  • 4th overall at the Skyrunner World Series 2017
  • Junior Swiss Champion of Mountain Running 2007


1st rank & course record, Trail Acantilados del Norte, Barlovento (Las Palmas/Spain, 1900 m d+ / 28 km)

2020: Come-back from injury. Good results & many races despite Covid-19!

1st rank Fred Campion Memorial VK, Cornettes de Bise (France, 1150 m d+/3.5 km)

• 3rd rank Aigle-Leysin half marathon (Switzerland, 1700 m d+/20 km)

• 3rd rank Zermatt Ultraks Extreme Skyrace (Switzerland, 2850 m d+/24 km)

• 1st rank Madrisa Trail T24 (Switzerland, 1250 m d+ / 23.1 km)

• FKT Schwägalp-Säntis 50:05 min (Switzerland, 1170 m d+ / 4.3 km)

• 2nd rank at Golden Segment France (Chamonix, 2300 m d+ / 23 km)

• Golden Ticket & 24th place at Golden Trail Championships on the Azores

• 9th rank at Sierre-Zinal elite race (Switzerland 2400 m d+ / 30.5 km)

• 2nd rank at Mayrhofen Ultraks (Austria, 2000 m d+ / 30 km)


1st rank Petzl Trail Plus VK (4.6k / 1000 Hm), Baños/Ecuador

• 1st rank Petzl Trail Plus 10k race, Baños/Ecuador

• 1st rank Mt. Awagatake VK, Vertical KM World Circuit (4.7k / 950 Hm), Japan

• 6th rank at Torgon Skialpi (13 km / 1600 m d+), Switzerland

2018: 8 countries - my best racing season so far.

Champion Vaudois 10k on road (Payerne, 32:08 min), Switzerland

• 2nd Rank at Trophées du Muveran Skimo race (team race with Gauthier Masset), Switzerland

• 17th Rank at Patrouille des Glaciers in 07:12 min (with Gauthier Masset & Emmanuel Lattion), CH

• 3rd rank Trentapassi VK, Vertical KM World Circuit (3.5k / 1050 Hm), Italy

1st rank Transvulcania VK, Vertical KM World Circuit (7.6k / 1200 Hm), Spain

• 4th rank at Zegama VK, Vertical KM World Circuit (3.5k / 800 Hm), Spain

• 12th rank at Zegama Marathon, (42k / 2730 Hm), Spain - Skyrunner World Series

• 2nd rank at Livigno Skymarathon, (34k / 2750 Hm), Italy - Skyrunner World Series

• 17th rank at the World Longdistance Mountainrunning Championships (36 km/2200 Hm), Poland

• 6th rank at Dolomites Skyrace (22 km / 1950 Hm), Italy - Skyrunner World Series

• 2nd rank at Comapedrosa Skyrace (21 km / 2300 Hm), Andorra - Skyrunner World Series

• 1st at The Rut Skyrace (28 km / 2300 Hm), Montana/USA - Skyrunner World Series

• 5th at Ring of Steall Skyrace (29 km / 2500 Hm), Kinlochleven/Scotland - Skyrunning World Championships

• 2nd at Double VK de Chandolin (7.2 km / 2000 Hm), Switzerland - VK World Circuit

Skyrunner World Series Champion 2018 (Sky Classic Ranking, 5 out of 11 races count)

2017: 10 countries /3 continents / 9 podiums, of which 7 international

• 1st Rank Trophée des Paccots Skimountaineering race (8k/1000 Hm), Switzerland

• 1st Rank Diablerets 3D Vertical Skimountaineering race (5k/700 Hm), Switzerland

• 2nd Rank Bokami Zapadních Tatier (3-days-team-skimo race with Matus Vnencak), Tatras/SVK

• 11th Rank Adamello Skiraid (35k/3500 m vertical, team-race with Eric Carter), IT - Grande Course World Cup

• 2nd Rank Vienna 10k, Vienna/AUS

• 2nd Rank Yading VK (7k/1000Hm, from 4000 to 5000 m), Yading/CHN

• 4th Rank Yading Skyrace (29k/2300Hm, from 3000 to 4700 m), Yading/CHN - Skyrunner World Series

• 2nd Rank Skyrace des Matheysins (29k/2200Hm), Grenoble/FR

• 16. Rank Zegama-Aizkorri (42k/2700 Hm), Zegama/ESP - Skyrunner World Series

• 25. Rank European Mountain Running Championships (12k/1300 Hm), Kamnik/SLO

• 6th Rank Dolomites Skyrace (23k/1800 Hm), Canazei/IT - Skyrunner World Series

• 2nd Rank World Mountain Running Long Distance Championships (32k/2900 Hm), Premana/IT

• 2nd Rank The Rut Skyrun (29k/2350 Hm, Course mistake..), Big Sky/Montana/USA - Skyrunner World Series

• 8th Rank Dolomitenmann (11k/1900 Hm – ‚Inofficial World Champs‘), Lienz/AUS

• 2nd Rank Ring of Steall Skyrace (29k/2700 Hm), Kinlochleven/SCOTL

• 3rd Rank as a team at Red Bull Elements (11k/2000 Hm), Annecy/FR

2016: shorter season due to knee injury

• 1st Rank & Course record, Sky del Canto (21k/1000Hm), Bergamo/IT

• 2nd Rank, Mt. Elbrus VK (5k/1000Hm), RUS

• 3rd Rank, Mount Elbrus Race (16k/3300Hm, from 2300 up to 5640 m), RUS

• 1st rank & course record (still unbroken), Resegup Skyrace (24k/1800Hm), Lecco/IT

• 3rd rank Livigno Skyrace (35k/3000Hm), Livigno/IT - Skyrunner World Series

• 1st rank Troféa Péz Ault ski mountaineering race, Switzerland

2015: gearing up after my Master's degree!

• 1st Rank & Course record (still unbroken), Lodrino-Lavertezzo Skyrace (22k/2200Hm), Ticino/CH

• 10th Rank European Mountainrunning Championships/Team bronze medal (12k/1100Hm), Madeira/POR

• 1st Rank & Course record, Rosetta Skyrace (23k/2000Hm), Valtellina/IT

• 1st Rank Claro-Pizzo vertical (6k/1500Hm), Ticino/CH

• 3rd Rank Dolomites Skyrace (23k/1750Hm), Canazei/IT - Skyrunner World Series

• 3rd Rank Tromsö Vertical KM (3k/1000Hm), Tromsö/NOR - Skyrunner World Series

• 4th Rank Tromsö Skyrace (45k/4500Hm), Tromsö/NOR - Skyrunner World Series

• 4th Rank Neirivue-Moléson(10.5k/1300Hm)

• 13th Rank Mezzalama ski mountaineering race with Eric Carter (USA) & Peter Volnár (SVK)

• Several podiums at regional ski mountaineering races in Switzerland

Speed ascents of beautiful mountains

• Bishorn (4150 m), in 2h50 from Zinal (1600 m)

• Lagginhorn (4010 m), in 2h27 from Saas Grund (1560 m) & back down in 1h15

• Piz Kesch (3400 m), in 2h06 from Madulain (1400 m)

• Mt. Kazbek, Georgia (5040 m), in 7h30 from Kazbegi (1700 m)

• Misti Volcano, Perú (5820 m), in 4h from the base at 3400 m

• Huayna Potosí, Bolivia (6070 m), in 2.5h from the pass road at 4700 m

• Mt. Elbrus, Russia (5640 m), in 3h56min from Azau village at 2300 m

• Sajama, Bolivia (6540 m), in a day from the base at 4200 m (carrying a tent etc.)

• Gokyo Ri, Nepal (5350 m), in 35 min from the village at 4750 m)

• Säntis (2502 m), by race bike & running from Waldstatt (AR) via Schwägalp in 1h33

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