Research & Involvement

PhD Student at University of Lausanne

Glacier hydrology and alpine sediment dynamics

The geometry and dynamics of subglacial channels underneath Alpine temperate glaciers

This project aims at investigating the geometry and dynamics of the hydrological network of an alpine temperate glacier close to its terminus with the help of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), UAV surveys and hydraulic modelling. The objective is to determine the shape of channels, to follow their evolution over the course of an ablation season and to determine the rate of sediment erosion and transport on a sub-daily timescale. We attempt to demonstrate the development of efficient, fast-flowing subglacial channels over the course of a melt season, as it has been previously suggested from tracer experiments (Nienow et al., 1998), and to show the erosion of subglacial channels into the sediment.

More details on  our research can be found on our group webpage and on my UNIL site.


Gabbi, J., Farinotti, D., Bauder, A., & Maurer, H. (2012). Ice volume distribution and implications on runoff projections in a glacierized catchment. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 16(12), 4543–4556.

Gabbud, C., Micheletti, N., & Lane, S. N. (2016). Response of a temperate alpine valley glacier to climate change at the decadal scale. Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography, 98(1), 81-95.

Mankoff, K. D., Gulley, J. D., Tulaczyk, S. M., Covington, M. D., Liu, X., Chen, Y., … & GŁowacki, P. S. (2017). Roughness of a subglacial conduit under Hansbreen, Svalbard. Journal of Glaciology, 63(239), 423-435.

Nienow, P., Sharp, M., & Willis, I. (1998). Seasonal changes in the morphology of the subglacial drainage system, Haut Glacier d’Arolla, Switzerland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 23(9), 825–843.

Radar signal amplitude at the glacier bed on top of a DEM of difference (12.-23. August 2018)
UAV survey scheme and GCP / ablation stakes locations, to create DEMs of 0.05 m resolution
Radar surveys on the glacier in April 2017

Pascal's Master's thesis in the domain of Turbulence Modelling at UBC Vancouver and EPFL Lausanne:

Effects of trees on mean wind, turbulence and momentum exchange within and above a real urban environment

Giometto Marco Giovanni, Christen Andreas, Egli Pascal Emanuel, Schmid Manuel, Tooke Rory, Coops Nicholas, Parlange Marc B., 2017/06/28. Advances in Water Resources, 106 pp. 154-168.

Link to the article

Horizontal velocity field u [m/s] displayed for two vertical planes on top of the modelling domain with the urban canopy of Vancouver Sunset area.



Protect Our Winters is a passionate crew of diehards, professional athletes and industry brands mobilizing the outdoor sports community to lead the charge towards positive climate action. POW focuses on educational initiatives, political advocacy and community-based activism.

Pascal is part of the Riders Alliance supporting POW Switzerland, their philosophy and their actions.

Youth President / instructor

CAS Club Alpin Suisse

The Swiss Alpine Club SAC brings together people interested in the mountains – regardless of their age, gender, religion, language or background.

Founded in 1863, the SAC has been a dynamic force in developing the Alpine region and climbing. Based on this tradition, the organisation is an advocate of responsible mountain sports and extensive access to mountain areas.

Pascal was the president of the youth section of the Alpine Club in his hometown St.Gallen for seven years and keeps supporting it by guiding climbing and ski trips in the mountains for young people.

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