I can offer coaching in the form of weekly/monthly training plans, personal trainings or general consulting about training strategies.
For coaching in the Chablais / Switzerland region, also visit Team Athlete Coaching.

Arnau Cases

Since January 2019 I am coaching the 19-year old catalan junior athlete Arnau Cases for his sky- and mountainrunning objectives. Arnau has won several vertical and Skyraces in Spain, even in the adult category!

Arnau Cases during a vertical race

Catalan junior athlete Arnau Cases, photo by Pau Aguilera

Dimitra Bika

New athlete on the team is Dimitra Bika from Greece, based in Davos/Switzerland! I am helping her to prepare the Skyrunner World Series 2020 and for excelling at alpine ski mountaineering races.

Dimitra has won many skimo and trail races in Greece and recently placed 4th at the Mount Olympus Marathon, which is part of the Skyrunner World Series.

Dimitra Bika, during Mount Olympus Marathon 2019

Charlotte Moerman

Another new athlete on the team is Charlotte Moerman from Belgium, living in Lausanne, Switzerland! I am helping her to prepare the Golden Trail Series 2020 as well as the European and World Mountain Running Championships (WMRA) 2020.

Charlotte has won several trail races in France, Belgium and Switzerland. She is working for her PhD degree at EPFL in Lausanne.

Charlotte Moerman in her element

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