Pascal Egli
World Mountain Running Championships 2017 in Premana, Italy. by Matteo Bonacina
The Rut Skyrace 2017, Montana, USA. by Ian Corless
Dolomites Skyrace 2015. Running with Saul Padua (Col). by Maurizio Torri,
The Rut 2017, Montana. by Ian Corless
Yading Skyrun at 4600 m.a.s.l., 2017, Sechuan, China. by Ian Corless
Ring of Steall Skyrace 2017, Scotland. by Ian Corless
Skimountaineering. by Michael Müller / Dynafit
Lac D'ai, Training in "the backyard" near Leysin. by Katrine Villumsen

Pascal Egli

is a swiss mountain runner and ski mountaineer who likes steep and technical races. He has won a number of skyraces in Europe, the US and South America. Pascal loves to discover new mountain ranges, countries and cultures.

Pascal is working as a PhD candidate at Lausanne University.

Personal facts

Born: in 1988 in Switzerland

From: St.Gallen/SG, living in Leysin/VD

Height: 170 CM

Weight: 59 KG

ITRA-points (general):  902

Personal best :

Vertical KM (1000 m d+): 32:21 min (2018)

Skyrunner World Series Champion 2018 (Sky Classic Series)

Languages:  heritage from my mother, Vera Staub 

English, (Swiss-) German, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish


Environmental Engineer of ETH Zurich & EPFL Lausanne


  • 29.5. Passwang Berglauf, Switzerland


  • 19. Monte Rosa Skymarathon, Italy
  • 28. Marathon du Mont Blanc, France


  • 18. Dolomyths Run, Italy


  • 26. OCC (by UTMB), France


  • 18. Ring of Steall Skyrace


  • 10. KV Chiavenna-Lagunc


  • 12.11. ITRA/WMRA World Championships,
  • 29./30.11. Ultra Trail Cape Town 100 km

Race schedule 2021

My values

"I stand up for a clean sport. Competition only makes sense if we use our pure body power without any artificial influence on our performance. In times when it is difficult to trust in the serenity of even the  biggest sports events, we have to keep at least our  sports mountain running and skimountaineering clean. I am in the control pool of Antidoping Switzerland. I have to indicate my whereabouts for each day and I may get tested anywhere and anytime.   I also  participate in the QUARTZ programme by ITRA, where I have to deliver blood samples at regular intervals before races. The testing results are publicly available on my ITRA profile.

Ethics are not only important in sports, but in all areas of life. To me it is important that we protect the natural environment in which we like to perform our sport and which supports our lives. It is also essential that   the products we consume are produced under fair working conditions for the humans and that the production is as sustainable as possible for the planet.  Finally,  we should try to  consume only what we really need.

It is precious for us mountain people to pass on our knowledge about running, skiing, climbing and nature to the next generation. That’s why I have been the president of the Youth Department of my local section of the Swiss Alpine Club for 7 years. I am still guiding and teaching young alpinists several times a year. 

When I go to the mountains, I try to cause the least impact possible on the environment; I often travel there by train or even by bike and I respect wildlife and don’t leave anything behind."



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